Getting to know Frani Foltz

As a resident of 92008-who better to want to see the community improve, refine, preserve and enjoy appreciation in real property values than an owner herself?
I’ve spent most of my professional life working in residential real estate-beginning with interior design, mortgage lending and incorporating residential sales.
My early education interests established that course with a degree in Interior Design leading to a bachelor’s Degree in business.
From a client’s perspective, whether on the selling or buying side of residential real estate, there is a lot at stake. The uncertainty of price, market timing, relocation and a host of other outcomes can wreak havoc on a family. With that in mind, I am both humbled and proud of the role I play in helping families navigate these obstacles and open new doors to their future.
On a personal level, I am originally from Los Angeles and relocated to San Diego County in 1986. Because I am a full time Realtor®, my love for the San Diego grows daily along with my husband of 29 years and four children. I hope to be working with you soon. Side note, I am bilingual, Spanish is my 2nd language.

Spoken Languages: English, español (Spanish)

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